Project : Terre-Mer-Air

Terre-Mer-Air is the project of 3 young newly graduated engineers who are committed to helping build a world viable and enviable.

After each of us had worked in three major industrial groups, the prospect of a career participating in a frenetic race for growth was dissonant with our desire to live in a balanced world. So we create the Terre-Mer-Air project to take a step aside and push the pedal as much as a shout: Where and how can we use our energy to work for a viable and enviable world?

A Team

With each of our life paths and motivations, we have built this project in line with our values. " We feel the need to recover our ability and confidence to do collectively, ainsi que notre légitimité à to transform the functioning of our society. » »

An ambition

Aware of living in an important period of systemic crisis, our utopian wishes is anchored in an other vision of life:

 “"What will we replace this system, which is heading for a fall? By claiming not to see the limits of our environment?" To meet, be inspired and propose one or more viable systems for the present and the future, here is what seems relevant to us to give back energy to humans of all ages and contribute to propose « another project than working 50 hours a week to buy a house you don't live in, to work to buy it » »

Especially in a context of global crises (social, environmental, economic, and societal ideals), question our place in the world, and particularly that of the engineer in a technophile society, seems essential to us after 3 years of apprenticeship.

An observation, a reaction

Some public policies do not respect the trajectory defined by the Paris Accords of a 2°C maximum increase in the Earth's surface temperature by 2100, and continue the massive exploitation of limited resources, for the benefit of the ever more, in an unequal way.

If the criticism of the system in place is easy, we are not left out as to propose solutions : One of the objectives of the project is to discover and meet the actors of alternative solutions and ideas that would be viable, sustainable, and desirable for the present and the future. Now, on our roadmap: Local initiatives exist and are being created all over the world to meet these challenges. It seems necessary to us to understand what are the keys of the collective to preserve our common goods : Dams, small train lines, natural resources, individual and collective liberties, people's culture... so many subjects on which a global scale seems necessary to find to face the climatic and liberticidal projects and to tend towards a more just society.

A map

The organization of our journey is not defined by an end point at a given date, but is guided by places, people and ideas that we have identified and indicated on a collaborative map.

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A coherent approach

If we're going to do things, we might as well do it right! Responsible electronics, a return to time, carbon-free travel, open-source tools, we wished to engage in the most coherent approach possible, while assuming our contradictions, to know how to let go to hold on.

The bicycle presented itself as a slow, carbon-free means of transport, which is attentive to the impulses of our curiosities and promotes a different relationship with territories and time.

For the subject of money, which is essential, we use our reserves made during our 3 years of apprenticeship. We would have the right to unemployment, but the approach of the project is obviously not about a "job" search. It would be difficult for us to hear that it was easy to do at the expense of society. It allows us to talk faster about the substance than about the form. We detail the financial balance of the project on the budget page.

And of course, bicycles!

These three mounts which carry us from meeting to meeting have each been selected and equipped to sail faster than winter. You will soon find details of our choices in a "gear" page.
We thank our partner Cyclo-randonnée, a specialist in bicycle travel equipment, for its support of the project!

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